BioSpray D2® kills 99.999% of all pathogens
√ Safe for Food Contact Surfaces with no rinse

√ Fast drying, non-corrosive

√ Ideal for Water-Sensitive equipment
STERIPLEX SD® C. diff  Sporicide,
Broad Spectrum Disinfectant & Sanitizer
√ Kills C. diff Spores in 5 Minutes without Bleach

√ Kills 99.999% of Germs in 30 Seconds

√ Not a Skin Irritant or Sensitizer

√ Clean, Fresh Smell with No Bleach Fumes

√ For Food Contact & Non-Food Contact Surfaces
STERIPLEX® SD lets you transition to the
latest advancement in DNA Decontamination
√ Superior sixty day product use life

√ World renowned studies show 7-15 times more effective than bleach

√ Significantly reduces cost of labor and time

√ Provides fumeless working environment with a MSDS health rating of 0 (no hazard)

√ Greatly improves results and laboratory safety
BioSpray® Anthrax Shower UV System,
Anthrax Body Soap & Anthrax Body Rinse
√ Meets CDC Protocol for Post-Event Treatment

√ 1st Anthrax UV Shower System Worldwide

√ Kills 99.99% Anthrax Spores Showered from Body

√ Self-Contained Unit Sets Up Quickly - Wheelchair Accessible

√ 100 Showers Without Electricity
STERIPLEX ULTRA® kills Anthrax safely and effectively
√ 1 of only 2 decontaminants federally-registered & authorized
for use by the EPA for Anthrax remediation

√ Bleach, chlorine dioxide, & foams are no longer allowed for use to remediate
Anthrax, creating unintentional liabilities for first responders, fire departments & hospitals

√ Suggested compliance packages start at less than $550

√ BioSpray Anthrax Shower UV System, Anthrax Body Wash &
Anthrax Body Rinse is the first shower system to kill Anthrax spores

√ For biological attack preparedness programs

STERI-FAB® kills bed bugs, roaches and more
√ Effective against insects, fungus, mold and mildew

√ Ideal to deodorize carpets

√ Use on mattresses, sofas & other upholstered surfaces
BioSpray® Power Pack Systems save time and money
√ Patent-pending atomizing spray technology reaches nooks, crannies and crevices

√ Consistent, calibrated delivery system helps ensure dwell times are met on even
the most challenging environmental surfaces

√ Reduce labor time by up to 63%

√ Use up to 88% less formula

√ Are portable and do not require electricity
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