BioSpray D2® kills 99.999% of all pathogens
√ Safe for Food Contact Surfaces with no rinse

√ Fast drying, non-corrosive

√ Ideal for Water-Sensitive equipment
BIOGLOX Constant, Stable On-Demand Oxidation
√ New, stabilized hydrogen peroxide and glycolic acid solution
   that delivers potent redox reaction with high millivolt charges of 700mV to 850mV

√ Non-fuming, non-toxic to inhale and not a skin sensitizer or skin irritant

√ Patented technology provides consistent, stable on-demand releases
   of oxygen rather than the unstable, uncontrollable spontaneous
   releases common in other oxidizers, such as hydrogen peroxide

√ Extremely clean organic formulations comprised of carbon, hydrogen
   and oxygen and patented reaction not only releases oxygen radicals (O1),
   but also alpha and beta hydroxyl radicals (HO•), without electricity or UV
   by safe, stable chemical reactions that promote environmental wellness

HYDROGLOX Stain, Scale & Odor Eliminator
√ Eco Technology breaks down to water, CO2 and oxygen only

√ Does not contain any perfumes
   or fragrances that only mask odors

√ Eco-friendly

√ Not a skin irritant

√ Non-fuming

√ Non-toxic to inhale or ingest

Lithified Technologies LithTec™ Road Solution is Nature’s Concrete™
√ LithTec™ Road Solution is an eco-friendly trade secret technology
   that accelerates the lithification process from years to turning
   soil to stone in 24-72 hours.

√ Long Lasting

√ Rock-Hard

√ Water Repellent

√ Reduced Dust

STERIPLEX ULTRA® kills Anthrax safely and effectively
√ 1 of only 2 decontaminants federally-registered & authorized
   for use by the EPA for Anthrax remediation

√ Bleach, chlorine dioxide, & foams are no longer allowed for use to remediate
   Anthrax, creating unintentional liabilities for first responders, fire departments & hospitals

√ Suggested compliance packages start at less than $550

√ BioSpray Anthrax Shower UV System, Anthrax Body Wash &
   Anthrax Body Rinse is the first shower system to kill Anthrax spores

√ For biological attack preparedness programs

STERI-FAB® kills bed bugs, roaches and more
√ Effective against insects, fungus, mold and mildew

√ Ideal to deodorize carpets

√ Use on mattresses, sofas & other upholstered surfaces
BioSpray® Power Pack Systems save time and money
√ Patent-pending atomizing spray technology reaches nooks, crannies and crevices

√ Consistent, calibrated delivery system helps ensure dwell times are met
   on even the most challenging environmental surfaces

√ Reduce labor time by up to 63%

√ Use up to 88% less formula

√ Are portable and do not require electricity
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