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Lithified Technologies LithTec™ Road Solution is Nature's Concrete™.

Fast Drying, No Rinse Food Contact D2 Sanitizers effective against Salmonella,

Listeria & more. Ideal

for Water-Sensitive


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Starting  June 1, 2017, all sales for BioSpray Power Pack Systems and BioSpray D2

are through Goodway Technologies Corp.

Please contact them at (203) 359-4708 or

Lithified Technologies

Portable systems that Sanitize, Disinfect and Sterilize faster and more completely than conventional spray methods, reducing labor time up to

63% while applying up

to 88% less formula.

Eco Technology breaks down to water. CO2 and oxygen only. 

Patented technology provides consistent, stable on-demand releases of oxygen by safe, stable chemical reactions that promote environmental wellness.