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BioSpray patented PSD-20RT model is designed to be freeze-resistant with continuous spray use. Continuous spray use is defined as continuous spray time with no non-spray time and is freeze-resistant rated for continuous spraying time equal to the full contents of one CO2 drive cylinder (approximately 90 minutes for a 20 lb. CO2 cylinder at 24-26 psi and standard application rate settings on the atomizing spray gun for the applicable formula).

Top Reasons for BioSpray Power Pack Systems
  • Reduce Labor Time up to 63% with Fast, Precise Delivery System
  • Use up to 88% Less Formula with Patent-Pending Technology
  • Patented Atomizing Spray Technology Reaches Nooks, Crannies and Crevices
  • Consistent, Calibrated Delivery System Helps Ensure Dwell Times are Met on Even the Most Challenging Environmental Surfaces
  • Are Ideal for Hard-to-Care-For Areas & Equipment
  • Have Proprietary Quick Settings to Treat Small, Single Devices up to Large Areas
  • Do Not Require Electricity
  • Are Portable, Light Weight & Easy to Operate
  • Have CO2 & Nitrogen Option in Various Size Models to Fit Any Need & Budget
  • Pay for Themselves Quickly - Buy, Lease or Rent



​​The Case Study also confirmed ease for technicians to disinfect all areas completely including the crevices and other hiding spots of the pathogens because of BioSpray System's atomizing technology and the system's ability to deliver the right amount of solution to meet the required dwell times, both of which are vital objectives to all industries even when the significant time and formula savings are not as critical.



BioSpray® Power Pack Spray Systems carry a 5-Year Parts & Labor Warranty that includes the replacement and/or repair of parts, labor and regular ground shipping for any manufacturing defects or system failures, excluding normal wear and tear or damage cause by without limit, abuse, accidents, improper usage, pinching, dropping, running over and/or crushing. 

Certain conditions apply; see written Manufacturer Warranty for complete details.

Quite Roll Wheels

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The BioSpray Power Pack Systems deliver BioSpray Technology-Approved Formulas faster and more completely than conventional methods of trigger-spray bottles or wipes, reducing labor time up to 63% while applying up to 88% less product, as validated by independent lab testing and certifications. 

The patented BioSpray Systems are specially designed to atomize the sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing solutions to reach nooks, crannies and crevices where pathogens hide. Because environmental surfaces are not all perfectly flat, hard-to-reach areas can easily be missed or skipped, creating opportunities for pathogens to contaminate and a false sense of quality assurance or infection control. 

The BioSpray Systems utilize patented, regulated CO2 and Nitrogen delivery designs to propel the BioSpray Technology-Approved Formulas faster, more efficiently and more conveniently than possible with traditional application methods. BioSpray Systems are made from lightweight aircraft aluminum, are affordable and have no cords to cause safety concerns and no electrical current, making them safe for use in virtually all environments, and the Commercial CN-80 is ideal for dry food production facilities and sterile clean room environments. 

The Light Duty LD-5 Backpack is designed and built on an ALICE military backpack frame providing even more flexibility for sanitizing hard to reach locations, and every BioSpray System is equipped with a proprietary, Quick-Adjust Regulator to modify the delivery rate and provide up to 120 pounds per square inch to utilize the optional 50 and 100 foot coil hoses.

Quite Roll Wheels

Extendable Pull Handle

Removable Tank


Light Duty

E. coli, Salmonella and Other Pathogen Disinfection – NCAA Division I University
To illustrate the real-world applications of the BioSpray System technology that highlights all environmental surfaces are not flat, level areas, a national Disaster and Restoration company prepared a Case Study using BioSpray Systems to disinfect a Midwestern NCAA Division I University after a major flood in the fall of 2010. One section of the Case Study was the disinfection over 170,000 square feet of student desk and chair systems across the campus for E. coli, Salmonella and other pathogens that are a byproduct of "black-water" flooding. 

Student desk and chair systems are an ideal representation of the non-perfect surfaces which have difficult to disinfect nooks and crannies found on the surfaces and equipment of hospitals, food production and virtually every facility, regardless of industry segment. The confidential report lists the time required to disinfect the 170,000+ square feet using BioSpray Systems was 14% of traditional spray and wipe method times and the formula usage was reduced to 16% of the amount required using normal application methods:

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BioSpray Power Pack Systems

Light Duty
LD-5 Backpack


​BioSpray patented Light Duty LD-5 Backpack, LD-10 and LD-10H models are designed to be freeze-resistant with intermittent spray use. Intermittent spray use is defined as spray time equal to or less than non-spray time and Light Duty models are freeze-resistant tested at intermittent spraying of at least three seconds spray and three seconds non-spray.


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